. shitty pen pal .

I frequently receive rando texts from guy friends out of the blue and they'll start out like "hey! how've you been?" Their second text might be vaguely condescending and by the 3rd text they will respond to some recent positive experience I had with a negative conversation-killer. Come to think of it, this also happened in other countries with guys I'd just met. I'd say something all starry-eyed about how a place felt like home, or mention just about anything sentimental, but they're unable to connect with positive emotion so they reply "I've never felt that way." It must be very dull to lack an x chromosome...

I'm currently reading about XYY-trisomy, a relatively common genetic disorder in which some males are born with an extra male chromosome instead of one. Individuals with this anomoly can be identified by their tallness and mental deficiency.

"It has been suggested that the presence of an extra Y chromosome in an individual may cause him to be more aggressive and prone to criminal behaviour, a condition called the “supermale” syndrome. Studies of prison populations have tended to confirm this hypothesis." - Encyclopedia Brittanica

Interesting. Sounds like a fuckboy I once knew...

Conversely, a female with 3 female (x) chromosomes usually has few or zero adverse symptoms. Clearly X chromosomes are superior to Y.

your shitty pen pal