. oh hi diaryland .

Querida Cute boy,

I will probably never show you this letter.

I don't care what you do I'm just going to be as honest as possible because everything is weird now anyway so it doesn't matter.

1. You are cute to look at.

2. You know that sweet innocent childlike feeling when you see your teenage crush but are too shy to talk to them and if you do your heart leaps? That's how you make me feel. Being around you makes me feel good and smiley and daydreamy.

3. You have bad qualities, but they are qualities that have challenged me to practice patience, empathy, and non-jealousy. Some of our personality traits are like looking in a mirror, so I must face myself. I know how you're thinking & feeling because I remember when I was 3 years out of my long relationship. It still effects how I am with men but much less than before.

4. I am insane. :)

5. Your bed is a place you're completely free. Despite your loneliness, that's sacred to you. I get that. Being close is terrifying, especially if your life is already complicated.

6. I'm backing off because you're backing off. I'm not worried about it so you shouldn't be.

Hope you're good.


Cute girl.

Be you and do what makes you happy.