. oh hi diaryland .

Oh, also, I forgot to tell you this. A month ago I went out, alone, like a brave girl, hoping to connect with an interested suitor who seemed, you know, like, not an abusive prick. So I go to the place, right. After a dinner date and texting back and forth a bit for a few months. And he's all... I'm going to Morocco with my girlfriend.

Well that was fast. Okay. Cool then, I'll just keep getting my sex fix with the sociopathic addicts then. Cool cool no worries.

Furthermore, on that particular evening, a man bought me a drink. Except he drugged my drink. So I don't remember anything. I woke up in a fuccboi's bed (I guess that's better?) instead of in the car with 2 men in it that was reportedly waiting for me outside...



On the bright side, I guess, as a result of said drug whatever it was I ended up making out with a girl I hardly remember but seems cool, and probably light years better than these males. I'm supposed to meet her in a few hours but I'm such a wreck from all these other things I can't get my shit together. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BITCH THIS IS REAL LIFE.

I am such a closet lesbian it is ridiculous.