. oh hi diaryland .

My grandmother stopped watches. My father senses energy. I dream things that happen. Sometimes I know what's happening when I'm wide awake. Which isn't so much fun when it's something I don't want to be true. But I won't go into those events.. What's more interesting about this is that I'm not the only natural "witch" in my family. My psychic accuracy has actually terrified men and made them not want to date me, which makes me feel powerful and also kind of sad. I guess I need to keep it more of a secret. But it becomes obvious eventually anyway. Maybe I'm only compatible with another witch who would understand me and not fear my extremely strong dream-state intuition. Or find someone who doesn't feel the need to keep secrets from me!

My strange power earned me a lot of respect among my close friends who bore witness to it and are no longer surprised when I know things without being told. They appreciate me for who I am! They get it because they're sensitive healer types themselves. I don't know if they know how much I love them. I haven't expressed it lately but I should.

I'm doing a lot better since spending time away from men. I'm not perfect or anything and still working on getting out of this depression, but definitely in the process of recovery, and have made a lot of progress in my inner world the past month or so. I also seem to have lost sexual desire for men entirely, which really helps with my focus!